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The Baofeng UV-5R UPGRADED (UV-17 NEW)

21 November, 2023 - Reading time: ~1 minute

The brilliant minds at Baofeng have just unleashed the ultimate successor to our trusty sidekick, the UV-5R! Introducing the Baofeng UV-17! Is it squeaky clean? What upgrades over its predecessor does it offer? Let's find out!

Gets yours here (Affiliate) 👉 https://geni.us/LEHtLyr

More info 👉 https://www.baofengradio.com/products/uv-17r

Hackable/Open Source Radio 👉 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSuX83ay4Ouh_qMAC79F92DNVaOtywmC5

Quansheng UV-K5 (Cheap Airband Radio)

9 November, 2023 - Reading time: ~1 minute

irThe stock Quansheng firmware in the UV-K5 was a bit ordinary when it came to AM reception for Airband radio. There is now a mod for cleaning up the AM reception called "AM fix". This is what it sounds like, plus a few more tweaks.

Get the firmware here 👉 https://github.com/egzumer/uv-k5-firmware-custom/releases

UVMod by whoismatt 👉 https://whosmatt.github.io/uvmod

Get a UV-K5 here (Affiliate)👉 https://geni.us/7jgV

My firmware flashing guide video 👉 https://youtu.be/m3zXH__BRPM

BEST Budget Mobile Ham Radio (Seriously I'm Impressed) - Retevis RT95

24 October, 2023 - Reading time: ~1 minute

This small, ultra compact, dual-band mobile transceiver, the Retevis RT95, also know as the Anytone AT-778UV is designed to operate on the 2 meter and 70 cm amateur radio bands. It provides flexible power output options ranging from 5 to 25 watts, exceptional ergonomics, robust construction, and features a vibrant full-color TFT LCD screen.

Get the Revetis RT-95 here (Amazon) 👉 https://geni.us/f7dZ (Affiliate)

Anytone AT-778UV (same radio) 👉 https://geni.us/KHrMg4F (Affiliate)

Direct from Retevis 👉 https://bit.ly/3YGyWZF (Affiliate)

Retevis sent me this radio for free in exchange for a review.

Icom IC-7300 EASY Setup Guide for FT8/WSJT-X

29 September, 2023 - Reading time: ~1 minute

In this tutorial I walk you through the step-by-step process of configuring your Icom IC-7300 for seamless operation with WSJT-X and popular digital modes like FT8. These are my personal radio settings that I use for use with FT8, WSPR and other modes that have proven to help me make thousands of contacts in WSJT-X, ensuring you get the most out of your IC7300.

Quansheng UV-K5 - Modifications & Reviews

28 September, 2023 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Below is a collection of videos on the Quansheng UV-K5 handheld radio. This list of videos include full reviews, unlocks, modifications, firmware info + more!

Quansheng UV-K5 (BETTER Than a Baofeng!) - NEW 2023 Radio

UNLOCK Extended TX for the Quansheng UV-K5 + MORE!

Quansheng UV-K5 - More Features Than You Can Count

Unlock Quansheng UV-K5: EASY Programming Software

Baofeng vs Quansheng: The Battle of the Handheld Radio

18 MHz to 1300 MHz UNLOCKED | Quansheng UV-K5

UNLOCK The Quansheng UV-K5 With CHIRP

Why You May REGRET Buying This "Upgraded" Radio

My Quansheng Has a TROJAN!

Mod Your Quansheng UV-K5 - EASY! [Make it Even Better]